Korra vs. Zaheer






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my hand slipped

with their new hit song, “Randomly Searching 4 U”

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its embarrassing being a happy crier. also an angry crier. definitely a sad crier too. actually you know what im pretty much just always crying 

i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

Negative Space
The Legend of Korra book 1, chapter 1
Welcome to Republic City


when I say “everything is better with lesbians” I don’t mean grossly over sexualized lesbians who just do the nasty all the time to please straight men I mean cute girls having adventures together and falling in love and giving cute kisses and having cute cuddle sessions or badass girls having adventures and kicking bad guy ass and falling in love with each other


ahahahahhahahahahhaha i’m korrasami trash.


"I’ve got my eye on you."









Can we talk about this?

Someone touched Regina.

I mean, stopped her physically from doing something while in EQ mode and she LET them and not only LET them, but clearly got pulled out of EQ mode by the touch.

Who can dare do this?

Only Emma.



 Fucking pulled out of EQ mode by the touch!!! 

You can’t see it very well in this gif, but her eyes suddenly soften and lose the piercing blackness of Evil Queen, it’s really amazing.

The only person not afraid of The Evil Queen, helping her become better.
Endgame peeps, come on!

"Quiet down love"

"Yes dear"

The same way Regina actually LISTENS to Emma and agrees that she is right on this scene, when Emma and Henry have to go Regina is the only one who Emma actually listens to and it’s Regina who makes her see that she HAS to go. So endgame…so married…

cutie patooties:)

What I love about this scene is that Emma doesn’t just overrule her or tell her some platitude like “that’s not what good people do” (aka the Charming rehabilitation approach, which ignores Regina’s agency (yes, even people who do terrible things should be given agency) and ignores the reasons why she uses the methods she does aka they’re the only ones that have ever fucking worked for her, and that in and of itself says something messed up about FTL society for women like Regina, but I digress).

They talk it through. Emma uses her personal experience to communicate why she thinks her approach will be more effective (not “good” vs. evil methods). Regina accepts this after they both discuss the best approach. They treat each other as equals, they defer to each other (previously, Emma accepted that sometimes you have to do morally grey things to get results, e.g. when Regina took the lost boy’s heart in order for them to communicate with Henry).

This is how you work with an Evil Queen on your side.

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